Who is Bad Bunny’s girlfriend?

Bad Bunny is a trap and reggaetón singer who made himself known in 2016 and who, until now, has a career that is on the rise. In his account of instagram the singer has more than 14 thousand followers. All this fame has caused a massive invasion of his private life and, as happens to most recognized artists, the rumors about him have been growing, some misguided and others very true.

Such is the case of his supposed romance with a reggaetón singer that spread some media, blogs and internet pages. These rumors were forgotten after, in full concert at the Luna Park in Argentina, Bad Bunny shared not one but two kisses in full presentation with the well-known singer Cazzu confirming with this act a relationship that no one expected to come.

The lucky one who managed to fall in love with the heart of Bad Bunny became known as a rap singer, reggaeton, cumbia and folk music, however she is not as well known as her current boyfriend. This is why it has become heroine for some and opportunistic for others, although there are many followers who do believe in the love they say exists between these two young artists. That is why next we tell you everything you need to know about the new bad rabbit girlfriend.

Who is the new girlfriend of Bad Bunny?
It is known as Cazzu but its full name is Julieta Cazzuchelli, an Argentine who comes from the province of Jujuy and who began her musical career with only fourteen years of age. It is known that the current couple gets along wonderfully as they share very ardent personalities. There have been many images that the couple has shared in their social networks where they can always be seen together, smiling and sharing one or another affectionate gesture worthy of a couple in love.

Cazzu has, like her well-known boyfriend, a special taste for tattoos. The singer exhibits some colorful tattoos on her body, most of them are in her arms and a tiny heart-shaped one can be seen on her face. In her musical style Cazzu always shows her feminist attitude by sending a direct message of vindicating women in society in general.

With this kiss that sparked comments and reactions of all kinds, Cazzu managed to highlight a little more thanks to the fame that surrounds, his now boyfriend, Bad Bunny. However, it is known that fans, both Bad Bunny and Cazzu, consider that the couple is a bit eccentric but, apparently and against all odds of some people, their relationship is going very well. Whether it’s a fake story, a strategy or whether it’s true that they’ve fallen in love, the millions of followers of the two follow their relationship closely.

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  1. Bad bunny es la nueva religión y cada vez son más «conejas malas» por el mundo, lamentablemente este artista esta muy parado en la actualidad, lo que estoy segura es que traerá muchas cosas nuevas e impactantes para su público.

  2. Benito. Jesús te ama. Tras la fama viene el olvido y la única verdad es únicamente una Vida Eterna feliz. El cuerpo pronto caduca. Busca el amor de Dios

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