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Known for being a singer of the urban genre, Bad Bunny has been able to leave a mark with each of the phrases of his songs. His fame began to be generated in the past year 2016 when he decided to leave the university to devote himself completely to music. His lyrics have been criticized by some and praised by others but the surprising thing is that they have also been chanted by millions and millions of fans who enjoy their music.

Bad Bunny himself has been the creator of his tracks and composer of his songs, this has been maintained for all his songs. The urban genre has been a trend for many years. Among the rhythms that this singer does is rap, hip hop, reggaetón and trap, the latter being the one that uses the most. This ethyl of music is preferred by this generation that seems to seek more and more original content and this is precisely what Bad Bunny gives away with his songs.

In a time where everything seems to be superficial we came across these phrases of Bad Bunny. Some of them invite reflection in a crude way, others show the reality of the society in which we live, others speak of lies, deceptions and above all of female sensuality. Below we will see a collection of Bad Bunny phrases that are rolling on social networks and, in many cases have become a slogan for young people today.

Best Bad Bunny Phrases

We will start talking about the romance phrases that Bad Bunny has shared in his songs. While it is true that this artist is not characterized by composing very romantic music that we say, the truth is that there are some of his lyrics where love is allowed to read between the lines.

«She tells me not to stop, to take care of her and not forsake her, to kiss her for all her moles»

«You and I are exclusive like the Tokyo and the Oregon Baby you are my Gucci, I am your Louis Vuitton She is done for me, I am done for her, she says that we are not famous and she feels like a star» With you

Other of these phrases speak more of heartbreak, it is presumed that when Bad Bunny wrote some of these letters it was because he had been deceived or disillusioned. However that is not known for sure since the singer has not confirmed any of these hypotheses. Here are some phrases of heartbreak that will make you understand that not everything in the urban style is violent.

«I want you to feel like I feel. I would like to be like you, without feelings. I would like to get you out of more thoughts. I would like to change the ending to the story «Amorfoda.

«The moon falls and I miss you more than yesterday. Tell me if you’re going to come back that I want you to have «Tell me if you’re going back.

«If you want to go, I’ll understand, you have a thousand reasons not to return. I’m afraid not to see you again, but it’s what I deserve for infidel «Sixth sense

To say that some Bad Bunny songs talk about sex very openly and clearly is to fall short. Their songs have often gone beyond the bold talking about hot topics that leave nothing to the imagination and this has been a reason for criticism However the number of fans every day is increasing, something must be doing well this singer to like so much

«I’m not old but I have the bill as one, if you want to bed I’ll take you breakfast. Like me none, a gentleman with twenty-one «Seniors

«They imagine what you have already seen, envious because I undress you. They write to me and I leave them in sight, for you temptations I resist «Pa ‘ti

«Because in the mouth he wants me to throw it out, I’m here, take advantage. I do not fall in love even though Cupid shot me «Lean

The urban genre has been very criticized due to the violence that some of its songs transmit and in this the Bad Bunny songs are not left behind. Many times it is not that you want to be violent but that you want to show the reality of the streets of our neighborhoods, speaking to young people with the same language they use is something that has made you quickly gain fame.

«Go down the hill, I walk with the orchestra, you bastards the basket, I’m never down on the bets» You do not live like that

«Your face is no longer going to recognize it, it is not to have the village, you bastard, it is to move it. You hate my life but it’s because you want to have it. Because we live cool, we live well, because there are plenty of bottles and one hundred «Chambea

From the beginning the way that bad rabbit has to tell his anecdotes to the world has been the most original, his lyrics do not seek only to like, but also seek to convey a clear message and without detours. The clarity of the message and the vocabulary used in most of his songs can be shocking, but in Latin America this exponent of urban music has become one of the most listened to.

«Last night I slept with another, woke up in another bed without clothes. Sex and drugs, a crazy night, your sixth sense is not wrong «Sixth Sense.

«And I’m always thinking of you, my mother hates you but what the

He does not know. It’s just that I’m a devil and that I hurt you. And sometimes I want to die, on the outside I’m laughing and inside I’m dying. I’m dying, baby I miss you «The last time

Of all the songs that are most heard of Bad Bunny without a doubt «Diles» is one of them. A theme that was released in mid-2016 and that continues to this day. Like all the singer’s music, this song is loaded with impressive clarity. A letter with high sexual content that has fallen in love with its followers and is that the combination of this with the singer’s voice, track and musical effects makes listening to Bad Bunny a unique experience.

«I know your poses, I make all your voices whisper, By my neck the road lights up when I crash your body next to mine, stopping time, This is the best moment» Tell them.

«Your little angel face cheats me. I am healthy but you hurt me «Tell them.

«I want to make you little things that they have never done to you. Tonight with me you touch the ceiling «Tell them.

The phrases of reflection also abound in the compositions of bad Rabbit, small particles that are found like pearls hidden among their letters that when you discover them invite you to reflect on topics such as the vine, and mor, to society and many more. Some may listen to their music because of the rhythm or because it is the singer that is fashionable, but these phrases invite deep thought, reflection and a positive change in society.

«Remember that life gives you surprises, since the crown is not in your head, the rabbit that hunts the lion is the prey» Biggie’s T-shirt

«In the good everyone, in the bad the desert» I do not give a fuck

«And the tree is planted, the flower comes back and grows, we are the star that illuminates, even if we are without light for six months» My Puerto Rico

In some of the songs where Bad Bunny has been invited to collaborate there are also certain phrases that have impacted the followers of urban music. Many of these phrases circulate in social networks next to some image or photo of the singer. This shows that the acceptance and fame that this generation has given to the songs of Bad Bunny is growing.

«I’m doing much better so single. Jangueo I drink, I do everything I want. Do not talk to me about true love «Now call me.

«Baby, I’m a fan of your walk. I give you everything, even my breathing. With you I see everything as spiral «Mia

One of the most important songs of the singer is, without a doubt, «We are fine» because he was composed when he was in the middle of resting or relaxing where he decided to take a break away from social networks. In the Youtube video platform, this issue has reached a significant number of downloads that goes beyond 300 million, this figure is impressive if you take into account that this issue does not have much time to have come to light. In this special composition we can see a relaxed letter with a clear and simple message; we are good and we are going for the best.

«Today I woke up happy, today I got up happy, although they say that they are talking about me» We are fine

«Tell me what do you expect, if someone can, it’s you. Although pa ‘house has not come the light, thank God because I have health «We are fine

«Do not worry, we’re fine, with or without one hundred bills. But having is not bad so we’re fine, we’re good, hey to’s mine are fine, we’re good, hey. Do not worry we’re fine «We’re fine

Bad Bunny is an artist that is currently growing and has rescued the concept of urban music and trap with its lyrics and rhythm combinations. His dedication and passion for the music he has made has allowed him to start and advance as an artist with a firm and sure step. Many are those who have started in this difficult genre and have turned aside only to sell or be accepted, this has not happened to Bad Bunny but on the contrary, every day his creativity, professionalism, performance and positive attitude have made him everything an emblem of trap today.

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